The Astor Piazzolla Foundation offers four different programs specifically designed to promote and enhance the artistic cultural heritage of Argentina, using them to maximize the foundation’s cultural impact not only in Argentina but around the world, and bring Astor’s work to a broader audience.


The Astor Piazzolla Foundation supports the organization of cultural events together with the production of concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and artistic shows, spreading the oeuvre of the world famous Argentinian composer, Astor Piazolla. Included as a part of this program is a season of concerts entitled “Towards Astor’s 100 years”, gathering together many outstanding musicians, distinguished cultural personalities and celebrities.



The Training projects aim to provide quality education and specific learning opportunities for Astor Piazzolla’s oeuvre by creating young orchestras and artistic training environments, integrating innovation and technological development. Over the next few years, Astor Piazzolla Foundation will add a mentorship program to guide young musicians in various stages of their musical training. The idea is to strengthen, reinforce and guide these young talents with open rehearsals and specialized clinics using professional musicians, and special guests. Our Training Program is designed to search for excellence by offering talented young prodigies opportunities through fellowships, which will give them access to national and international avant-garde schools and prestigious teachers.


Our core values and ethos are based on cooperation and partnership by seeking to engage in institutional partnerships and cultural networks. In doing so, our aim is to strengthen exchange agreements to drive forward and maximise the impact of cultural projects, working collaboratively with enterprises, the public sector and third sector organizations. Within this framework, we support diverse cultural initiatives encompassing Astor Piazzolla’s music thus giving it our legitimate seal of approval.


The aim of this program is to organize, classify and digitalize Astor Piazzolla’s archives, which consist of recordings, photographs, audiovisual materials, scores, etc. In addition this rich source of knowledge will hopefully encourage and stimulate artistic creation, research projects and publications which will impact on cultural policies for many years to come.